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Saymetra is a group of certified legal translators that uses the latest collaboration tools and employs a rigorous quality control system to guarantee that each of the translations we deliver is of the highest quality.
Our Team

Saymetra is headed by Luis Medina:

English into Spanish translator certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), and has a network of certified translators with graduate studies in law and translation and extensive experience in translating legal documents. All of our collaborators have obtained certification through the most rigorous accreditation programs in Mexico.

Specialized Translation Tools

Saymetra employs the latest translation software on the market. We use programs that allow our translators to collaborate virtually, maintain glossaries and term bases for each project and keep us in constant communication with our clients. We also use automated error detection tools that, in addition to a detailed quality analysis by our translators, allows us to deliver a highly-polished product. In addition, we use professional graphic design tools for documents with complex formatting.

Multi-translator Quality Control

The first stage in our work flow is the initial translation by the translator assigned to the project. This translation is then reviewed by a second translator, who carefully reviews the first translator’s work, suggesting changes and making corrections. Once the first translator has reviewed and agreed with the changes made, the translation project is then delivered to the client.

We work with only highly-qualified translators and interpreters.

Client Approval

Once the client has received the translations made by our team of professionals, we are available to address any concerns, questions or changes they may wish to make. Our open lines of communication between translators and clients allow us to make any mutually agreed-upon changes.

Personalized Service

Saymetra’s team of professionals understands the importance of the confidentiality of our client’s documents. In addition, we treat all our clients, collaborators and suppliers wit the utmost respect, constantly striving to provide the best working conditions and diplomatically resolving any conflicts that may arise.

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Saymetra’s team is also dedicated to translator and interpreter training. Our collaborators have offered specialized courses in Colima, Guadalajara, Jalisco, and León, Guanajuato. Our training efforts include social media and our YouTube channel, where we share our expertise and ideas with aspiring translators.

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Our team of certified legal translators.


Using our online collaboration tools.


Full-time, in order to deliver on-time and high-quality translations.

This is Saymetra Translation Services.

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Work Flow

Each translation project is different, and as such presents unique challenges. In order to assess each project, we ask our clients to send the material they wish to translate, including all the pages, sides and components of the documents. This allows us to analyze the work volume and present a formal written quote. Visit our “Contact Us” page to get in touch with us and request a quote for your translation project today.
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Quality Control

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"Luis is a talented translator. I have worked with him for many years and I continue to be impressed with his work.
He communicates well, delivers on time and goes above and beyond what is requested of him.

I would absolutely recommend Luis for English into Spanish translation and editing projects."
Sally Hannon

Afterschool Coordinator at Salt Lake County Youth Services

"It is always a pleasure working with Luis. We can always trust that the jobs assigned to him will be delivery on-time and with excellent quality."
Consenso Mutuo, Lda.

Cliente Saymetra

"As a localization coordinator/Project Manager, I rely on excellent translators to provide a quality job. Because I'm an experienced Spanish tranlator myself, I have very high expectations for Spanish translators. Luis has always met and at times surpassed those very high expectations. He is professional, responsive, and reliable. His language skills are superb. His translation into Mexican Spanish flows very naturally, is correct in grammar, and exudes an exquisite style. I highly recommend Luis as one of the best English into Mex Spanish translators available today."
Silvia Carvhalo

Resource Analyst

"Very dedicated hard worker - Can highly recommend working with Luis. Hope to work with him again soon and for a long time to come."

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